Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Football Camp

Last summer we had the opportunity to host an American football camp here in Graz.  Joel Hill of The Way Sports Ministries brought a group of college coaches and a former NFL player over from the States to conduct the camp for us.  We had around 30 participants, the vast majority of which, are members of the Styrian Bears, the team for which I play.

We had a great camp!  The coaches put on a quality camp.  They made it very clear that they have two passions in life.  One is football.  The other is Jesus.  During each camp session the Gospel was presented.  On the last day of the camp, 12 of my friends raised their hands indicating an interest in following Jesus.  I can hardly describe the emotions that ran through me that day.  God is awesome.

Now, six months later, we are beginning to prepare for this coming summer's camp.  We are extremely excited about the opportunity to host Joel and his team again.  Along with the football camp in Graz we are also discussing the possibility of hosting two other camps in Austria.  We will have a firm answer in the next 10 days.  We would appreciate your prayers for us in this area as God brings it to your mind.

Above is a collage that Krista made with pictures from the camp.  The picture in the center is of coach Mike Cochran (SNU Head Coach).  The bottom left is of Joel Hill (The Way Sports Ministries) sharing the Gospel with a group of players.

This is another collage that Krista made.  The large picture is of me reading Bible verses in German as former Chicago Bear's tight end Michael Cobb shared a Bible lesson with the camp participants.

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Jamie said...

This is so awesome! Who would ever have thought a football team could be a ministry to so many people!!