Friday, January 20, 2012

Heard 'round here..

This post will be more entertaining for our families that don't get to see their g'kids, nephews/niece, & cousins. But others might get a good chuckle too.

Gracie (pointing to something): "deesa one".  Translates: "I want that one."

"Guys!!!  Heeeere!" (loves when brothers come home from school)

Gracie walks into the kitchen and says: "heeet me" (hit me) a few times.  I follow her into the living room where she says it again while pointing to a brother.  It happened once and brother got in trouble a week or so ago.  She now uses it as a way to get what she wants... she wants a toy that a brother might be holding... she comes in and says "hit me".  Knowing we'll go check it out... but that trick was short lived... brothers can talk a lot more than she can right now ;)

She repeats everything! I really can't get over how her speech has just really taken off as of late.  It's amazing (yes, she's our 3rd, but I'm always amazed at how kids absorb the world around them!) to see her observe a conversation between me & Danny or the boys and find a phrase she likes and then say it perfectly is hilarious and scary.  I guess I'm partly intrigued because I don't recall the boys speaking as clearly or having as big a vocab as she does at this age.

I went to check on the kids after they had been in bed for a couple of hours to make sure the radiators were keeping their rooms warm and I was startled when Nate sat up and said, "I'm so frustrated." (I didn't really want to hear the whining that I was sure was coming next about how he didn't get to have a light to read or that they didn't get to watch a movie, etc.) So when I half-heartedly asked "Why?" His answer made it hard to not laugh out loud and wake up Micah on the bottom bunk!  Nate says as serious and frustrated as can be, "I can not whistle!"

Lately, Micah has been a much grumpier boy during the "getting ready for school" part of our morning.  Some of his reasons are as follows:

-Why do you get to stay home and play? (Yeah... that's what mom & dad do all day... we play with the laundry, office work, the dirty dishes, etc.)
-My friends don't like me. (he has plenty of friends and he is well liked... just so you don't worry about him!)
-I want to play with MY toys, not school toys.
-I'm sleepy.
-I don't like eating yogurt for breakfast. (which is actually his favorite food... he'd eat it 3x a day if I'd let him).

Never a dull moment in our house!  


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