Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A new nephew!

My youngest brother, Zach and his wife, Jill had their 3rd child yesterday!  Benton Matthew Wiese (lovingly nicknamed 'Beamer' because of his initials) was a healthy 8lb. 5oz.  He is adorable!!! He gave us all a little scare, but after an emergency c-section he, according to my brother, let the world know he had vocal cords and used them well :)

I wrote about how my other nephew, Titus was born on a special day for our family.  Well, Benton is named after my Grampa (my mom's dad) and you know... you can't make this stuff up... but he was born on January 30th...what would've been my Grampa's 88th birthday.  Our family seems to have something with dates. Gracie was born on the anniversary of his passing and my Aunt Robin said it was so nice to have something to celebrate while we also remember Grampa. Zach & my Dad share a birthday and Zach's daughter, Erynn was born the day before their birthday!  My mom & Papa share a birthday.  Micah was due to share their birthday, but had to be induced 2 days before.  Anyway, I find all that fun and special too.

After just a few hours we were able to sit down and meet Benton via i chat. Jill looked great... really... did she just have a baby!?!  Zach was a proud Daddy and their girls were going to be visiting soon to meet their baby brother!

I just sat in awe as we were video chatting from Austria to Missouri to New York and then later they were going to add our g'parents (our kids' great grandparents) in Texas.  Again, I am thankful for technology. It's moments like these that make the distance between us smaller and bearable.

Here is my nephew, Benton!

We love you, Beamer!!  Can't wait to meet you one day!


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Jamie said...

Yea!! He is precious Krista!! So happy you all were to be a part of it even from afar.