Monday, October 17, 2011

Micah's 5th Birthday....

....was in.... OCTOBER!  I completely forgot to write about it.  Bad, bad Momma.  I found a company that turns blogs into books and since I'm not a journal/dear diary person I thought putting this blog which serves as a family memory maker and a way to keep our family, friends, and supporters connected with us into a book form would be a good idea.

Anyway, I will eventually put this post "in order", but for now, here are some pics from our firecracker of a son, Micah's 5th birthday... last October.  Ugh... can't believe I didn't post this last Fall.

Micah is our very shy and openly emotional child (both extremes... very happy or very unhappy). He is the opposite of his older brother in the way he socializes. Mr. Micah prefers just a handful of good friends, is a home-body and passionate about what he feels and believes (whatever it may be on that day). He is very protective of his little sis and loves being around big brother. Our 2nd born likes the outdoors, loves his bike (which we bought at a flea market and when we talked about replacing it while on furlough said "no... I like my bike."), makes us laugh easily, has big brown eyes that melt your heart, enjoys coloring and making up words, enjoys Bible stories being read to him, is always hungry and will eat fruits and vegetables all day long.  

We know God is going to use our Micah in ways we can't even imagine... we are thankful God chose us to be his parents.


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