Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall has arrived and so has the busy schedule

Here is another one of those "I'm too lazy to write out lengthy details about the last month" blogs.  So here are random bits of what my favorite people have been saying.... In no particular order or importance.... well, I guess I did order them by age/birth rank.


-is doing some major growing up before our very eyes.  I can't hardly put into words how proud Danny & I feel for the way he is handling school and learning everything in German.  He's just entering his 2nd month of school as a 2nd grader and he's writing everything in cursive (which they dabbled in a bit at the end of the 1st grade).  He's doing multiplication and reads so very well.  Danny & I were trying to remember, but didn't we learn multiplication in the 4th grade?!?  

-"don't hold on to your anger or your anger will hold on to you." This is something he told me he was learning.  We really love the Jesus Storybook Bible and the CD's that came with it.  The kids go to bed listening to it and we've seen what they are learning and hearing as they fall asleep as very beneficial.

-"it's so hard to do what is right sometimes!!" (said thru tears and much frustration with himself and learning to use wisdom with choices in life)

-lost another tooth @ the mall (#8) while walking into a store!  It just fell out of his mouth! 


-"God is everywhere and he's bigger than me."

-While watching Little League World Series.... (a kid is running to 1st base) and Micah says, "Why isn't he running as fast as I can?"

-"What was that story in the Bible with a sleeping boat?" (Moses in the basket)


-calls our dog, Buster... "Buppy" or "Bubby"

-will not say "Micah" or anything similar.  She calls both boys "Nate" (sounds like "Nay"). It's quite funny since Micah is the one that plays with her and interacts the most with her.  We've decided that's her word for "brother" ;)  That's our story and we're..... stickin' to it.

-is a bossy 3rd child....and she's only 20 months!  I was kinda hoping she'd be laid back and easy going like my little brother, Zach.  He is a 3rd child.  Nope, Gracie is more like her, ahem..... first born, only girl, bossy... Momma.  Oh dear....

Sometime in the near blogging future, I'll post some pics of our newest nephew, Titus! Well, not sure how "new" since he's coming up on 4 months old.  I really need to get to that before another nephew and 'yet to be sonogramed' baby join us next year! 


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Jamie said...

I need to find that audio series for the girls! Sounds like a great learning tool.