Friday, October 28, 2011

Q & A with my sons

1. What grade are you in at school?

Nate: "I'm in the 2nd class (they don't say "grade" here)"

Micah: "I go to Kindergarten."

2. How old are you?

Nate: "I'm almost 7 1/2."

Micah: "I'm 4, I mean 5... "

3. Name some of your favorite teams in sports.

Nate: "Well, can I name lots of them? Styrian Bears (the football team for which Danny plays), Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and the Mavs."

Micah: "I like the Styrian Bears and the Eagles, the Lions... ummm.... what are the names of all the other teams, Momma? Oh... and the Rangers."

**We are troubled by his mentioning of enemy teams of our favorite home team... the Dallas Cowboys. He likes to get us riled up and a couple of the guys on Danny's team like to brain wash our kids.

4. Who are some of your favorite players?

Nate: "Daddy, of course! Then Michael Young (can you tell we've been watching the World Series and our beloved Rangers?!?) and Romo.

Micah: "Daddy and Bruno (a guy Danny plays with and our boys think he's awesome) oh and that guy right there...." (pointing to the TV)  

Me: "Napoli?" 

Micah: "Yeah, him."

5. What are some of your favorite toys?

Micah: "Can I say first?!?  Ninjago!!" (he just celebrated his 5th birthday in October, so his presents are still in the new stage)

Nate: "Playing on our Wii... the Lego Star Wars game"

6. Tell me the names of some of your best buddies at school/kindergarten.

Nate: "Valentin, Manuel, Tobias, David, Maxi"

Micah: "Markus, Sophia, and Miriam... and Nathan"

7. What is your favorite story in the Bible?

Nate & Micah: "Lazarus!" (just finished listening to it on a kids Bible CD they like for bedtime)

8. What is your favorite color?

Nate: "White"

Micah: "Orange"

9. What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Nate: "Climb trees.... go to the park.... roller blading."

Micah: "The last thing Nathan said."

Nate: "Micah, stop copying me all the time."

Micah: "No I'm not... I can roller too."

10. What are your Hobbies?

Micah: "What are hobbies?

Nate: "I know!  It's stuff you like to do.  I like playing the drums and karate on Saturdays... and Tennis."

Micah: "Run, play soccer with Buster (our daushund is freakishly good at playing soccer), ride my bike."

11. What is one of your favorite vacations you can remember?

Nate: "I like the water park in Slovenia we went to a long time ago." 

Micah: "When we went to Africa."

**I feel that I should mention none of us have ever visited Africa.

Me: "Are you sure?  I don't remember our family ever going there."

Micah: "Yeah, it was the time we went with Fabian and Felix and their family."

**I am confused and then it dawns on me....

Me: "You mean, the ZOO we went to that is about 20 minutes away from our house here in Austria?" (we went last Spring)

Micah: "Yeah. That one."

**Yeah, that kid keeps me on my toes.

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