Monday, April 30, 2007

Did someone... an Ambulance???? We had one show up at our house this morning. Wrong address. That's always a little worrisome, then you realize...wait, it's not for me. haha! I don't know if I've ever written about this, but every 4-6 months we have the police show up at our house and ring our bell over and over. They look quite stern when I come and they ask if I'm "Frau So-n-So or is Herr (Mr.) So-n-So here" and of course I'm not and they ask how long I've lived here and when they realize they're looking for someone (oh, it's the same person every time) who hasn't lived here in nearly 3 yrs. they leave and thank me. I'm guessing the last resident didn't leave his forarding address because we get quite a bit of mail for this person and a lot of them are bills or collectors now. Interesting.

Tomorrow we're grilling out and having friends over for May 1st. It's the Austrian Labor Day. So I don't have school today or tomorrow and I'm really enjoying this break.

Micah is trying really hard to crawl (not quite there though). He's not ever mastered the rolling over and over and over part and could care less if he can sit. But some how I can leave him on a blanket on his belly and 5 min. later return to find him on the other side of the living room! Nathan is loving this Spring weather. He's outside as much as possible and playing on his slide or swinging from our Cherry tree. He's been asking when he can go to school and I hate to tell him it won't be till January. That registration day we had last week got him real excited!

Have a great week! I'll try to get some pictures up here this week.


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