Saturday, December 12, 2009

A year later...

Has it really been a year (click here to read a year ago)?!? Tomorrow (Sun.) will be one year that things weren't going right with my pregnancy. Monday will be one year that it was told to us that we had lost another baby and I spent a night alone in a hospital after surgery. Wow. A year. Amazing what a year can bring when you have things that stand out in your memory. Our family has done the basic changing-- age, height (ok, not me, but I can wish...), weight, hair styles, etc. We've deepened friendships, made some new friends, and tightened our family bond. But above all, I know we've learned more about our Heavenly Father and seen more of His love and will for us. It's not always been a smooth ride, but as long as I know He's doing the leading... I'm all for the journey.

Thank you, God, for another opportunity to have a baby. We thank you for giving us the desire of our hearts. We continue to ask for Your guidance and protection in these last few weeks.


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F. Deaton said...

Krista, I have never lost a baby so I cannot imagine how painful that is. What I can be excited for you about though is that you have two sweet little ones waiting on you in heaven! What a "day of rejoicing that will be!"